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The ITF Modelling Framework

31 October 2017

The International Transport Forum has developed a set of modelling tools to build its own forward-...

ITF Transport Outlook Project

24 April 2018


Jousting with Dragons: A Resilience Engineering approach to managing SMS in the transport sector

25 August 2017

System resilience is the ability for complex, dynamic-adaptive socio-technical systems to absorb...

The Evolution of Public Transport Contracts in France

11 August 2017

This paper presents the evolution of public transport contracts in France and the historical and...

Alstom joins Corporate Partnership Board of the International Transport Forum

23 May 2017

Alstom will participate in policy-related projects on transport infrastructure and services, as...

Assessing Regulatory Changes in the Transport Sector

31 May 2017

The specific characteristics of transport services and markets, including their importance in...

Modern Tram and Public Transport Integration in Chinese Cities: A Case Study of Suzhou

21 August 2017

This paper explores the role of modern trams in Chinese cities and identifies issues and challenges...