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Shared Mobility Simulations for Helsinki

12 October 2017

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Renegotiations in Public-Private Partnerships: Theory and Evidence

10 October 2017

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have the potential to increase efficiency and improve resource...

Intermodal Europe 2017

6 October 2017

“Active Travel for Healthy Cities” Polis workshop

5 October 2017

Polis, in co-operation with EU-funded PASTA - Physical Activity Through Sustainable Transport...

Digital Transport Days

3 October 2017

Smarter Travel Live! 2017

25 September 2017

Keynote on "A new vision of how city transport might be provided in future" will be given by ...

CIVITAS Forum 2017. Small Communities, Big Ideas

25 September 2017

Philippe Crist (ITF) will discuss how the rules of the transport game are changing at the...

City Design for Innovative Mobility: Infrastructure and Pricing Implications

16 October 2017

Ride services only represent a small fraction of overall trips in many urban areas but they...