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Velo-city 2018

29 August 2017

Jousting with Dragons: A Resilience Engineering approach to managing SMS in the transport sector

25 August 2017

System resilience is the ability for complex, dynamic-adaptive socio-technical systems to absorb...

Overcoming Obstacles to Implementing SMS

7 August 2017

This paper discusses obstacles faced in implementing SMS and uses concrete examples to show how to...

On-Board Safety Systems: Enablement of Management and Logistics

3 August 2017

On-board commercial vehicle safety technologies present new opportunities for management and...

Evolution of Technology for Commercial Vehicle Safety

3 August 2017

 Heavy commercial vehicle technology for safety has developed in capability and application...

Infrastructure for Commercial Vehicle Safety

3 August 2017

 While there is increasing information on commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety systems, truck...