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ITF Transport Outlook Project


ITF Transport OutlookThe ITF Transport Outlook project develops and analyses forward-looking scenarios for global transport activity across all transport modes.

Based on cutting-edge ITF modelling, it provides decision makers in government and industry with coherent scenarios for future demand in passenger mobility, freight volumes and transport-related CO2 emissions to 2050.

In 2018/19, Transport Outlook team is studying the impacts of potential disruptions to transport systems.

Consolidated findings are presented in ITF’s flagship report, the ITF Transport Outlook, published every other year as part of the OECD Outlook series alongside the OECD Economic Outlook, OECD Environmental Outlook, etc. The next ITF Transport Outlook is scheduled for January 2019.

The most recent Outlook edition includes an overview of the transport sector today and an analysis of transport demand and CO2 emissions to 2050, followed by sectoral analyses of international freight, international passenger aviation and mobility in cities with a focus on the quality of access by car and public transport in cities worldwide. The report summary is available in EnglishFrenchSpanishGermanRussian and  21 other languages