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Decarbonising Transport


Decarbonising Transport at the 2017 Summit: see more information

The objective

A commonly-acceptable pathway to achieve zero transport emissions by around 2050. 

  • COP21 has created a political pathway with 5-year reviews for national decarbonisation commitments, starting in 2020.
  • Transport, representing 23% of all energy-related emissions, now has an opportunity to play a leading role in climate change mitigation.

A quantitative and inclusive project

ITF is developing a suite of modelling tools to navigate this pathway.

  • Data-driven computer modelling over all transport modes.
  • Rigorous and coherent analysis of policies and outcomes, considering exogenous factors and their impacts.
  • Simulation of technological evolution, alternative policy paths and outcomes.
  • Collaboration and mutual learning among stakeholders.
  • Inclusive dialogue and engagement with multiple partner organisations.

Why ITF?

  • Best-in-class modelling tools: the project will integrate and expand ITF's groundbreaking quantitative modelling work on a global and urban scale.
  • Best platform for dialogue:
    • Only intergovernmental organisation dealing with all transport modes.
    • Wide geographic diversity and CO2 emissions profile among members.
    • Established Corporate Partnership Board: 19 leading companies.
    • Excellent relations with multilateral institutions.

Partner Benefits

  • Active participation in defining transport's path to carbon neutrality.
  • Feedback on how an organisation's plans and targets are contributing to decarbonising transport, in relation to other moving factors.
  • The big picture: participate in discussions with other key stakeholders and experts on all decarbonisation issues.
  • Priority access to modelling results and insights.
  • Visibility for companies' CSR and climate change mitigation strategies.

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The Decarbonising Project was officially launched at the ITF's 2016 Summit on "Green and Inclusive Transport" in the presence of 47 partners and supporting organisations, on 19 May 2016.
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